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Leonard Bratton, Jr., President

Leonard Bratton formed LBJ Construction & Mgt. Inc. in January of 2003 to provide construction services for commercial and residential clients who desire to renovate, expand current space or build new facilities.

A graduate of Washburne Trade School and 40+ years of carpentry experience is the foundation for his unique set of talents. He is personally engaged in every project
and it provides a level of assurance for the client that adds up to quality products and satisfied customers.  This “hands-on” approach is a trademark of our success and will continue to be part of our operating format as we embark upon all new ventures.




During this time, we have completed a wide variety of projects.  While specializing in the residential theater for the construction of custom homes, we have delivered projects ranging from 3000 square feet up to 13,000 square feet.  These projects have included various specialty installations such as whole house smart systems, indoor swimming pools, 3 stop elevators, and a wide range of ADA equipment.  




Our ability to install this specialty equipment landed LBJ numerous contracts with the Trust Department of Northern Trust Bank where they specialize in providing handicapped accessible facilities and apparatus for their clients.  LBJ is now listed as a preferred builder for The Northern Trust Company.




Leonard worked for 13 years as a carpenter at the Amoco Building (now called The Aon Center).  This “hands-on” experience provided him an extensive background in the area of “non-disruptive renovating” where the premises have to continue to be functional during construction.  Our commercial clients have been the recipient of this experience as we were awarded our largest project in 2005.  Having completed numerous renovations at several facilities, Commonwealth Edison retained our services to rebuild a section of their Glenbard Office facility where a fire had destroyed an area measuring approximately 12,000 square feet.  Our contract for reconstruction totaled $2.2 million.




As President of LBJ, Leonard provides management for all projects to maintain the track record that he has earned to date.  His implementation of today’s computer and phone technology maximizes our ability to monitor construction progress and issues at unprecedented levels to insure quality control. The transfer of information using this technology translates into “virtual project management" that will enhance our “hands on” approach in the future.




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